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Welcome to the home of UK silicone sex dolls. There are MANY types of doll to select and we can supply every style of real doll. Please contact us with your budget. For example as an entry level doll can be as low as £500 BUT some cost closer to £9000. Lara is a great silicone sex love doll and comes with various hair styles and clothes. She strikes the balance between cosmetic beauty and practical function. Carefully crafted to solve the problem for guys seeking real penetration sex experience with a silicone sex doll but also a partner that looks fantastic. We now offer more than just a real doll. Lara is soft, and beautiful but also capable of delivering a full sensual and sexual experience.

Until now two markets existed. Either high end perfect dolls costing £7000+ looking very real but very heavy so takes time and money to care for, bulky to move, awkward to clean and fragile. The cheap market below £100 for blow up dolls do not feel or even look like a woman.

We take the middle to high ground products ranging from £500 to £6000 but we also work one to one to get the best for your money.

We take care of all the risk. We pay the duties and VAT for you. We arrange discrete delivery, collection and can even store your doll short or long term in our high security warehouse.

Straightforward uncomplicated girls who want you to love life and her. You deserve happiness and fun. She is ready when you are.

silicone sex love doll

Based in England we take discrete orders from clients who want security of dealing with a UK company. Clients wanting to eliminate awkward customs questions from dockside importers and want all duties including VAT has paid. We give confidence to the client that packaging and parcel are robust and will be delivered with the content completely concealed from the courier. Even accidental damage of the container will not reveal the contents.

Is it perverts who want this product? No - And our moto is "We are not hurting anyone.." Our clients range from physically handicapped / disabled men, lonely widowers, young men with plenty of lust, shy men, guys with outrageous sexual demands that real woman could not cope or bend to. Doll ownership is not illegal and harms nobody. Our main customers are average blokes in the street with some spare cash who fancies a laugh. Everybody deserves a healthy sex life and happiness but not everyone is blessed with great confidence, money, or the skills to go out and find a partner. Clients can be sure they are buying from broad minded adults not phased or embarrassed. Our team are well versed in taking many calls, emails and questions. We are approachable, open and do everything to make your purchase of one of our sex dolls a simple, safe and secure process.

This front of house website is for everyone to enjoy our range of silicone dolls. However albums with removal of clothing is restricted for reasons of internet decency.

For access to members area click here

If you are over 18 then come on in and see what a real doll is all about. Just £9.99 gives you full access to thousands of images. Purchase a doll and your access fee is refunded. Dolls are clothed front of house. Naked in members area.

love doll

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